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Pic It - A Summer Project

Diem & Keeve Dixon

"Challenge Accepted"

"What did you do over the summer?" is a question children are often asked on their first day back to school. Most answers typically include vacations, jobs, sports, recreational activities, family reunions, and such.

Along with their answer of “camping, hiking, and river rafting,” brothers, Keeve and Diem had something very different to add to their answer this year.

They participated instrumentally throughout their summer in an exciting business venture.

Both Keeve, 17, and Diem, 14, have long shared an enthusiasm for gaming as well as social interaction. Their parents, Wayne and Deann Dixon saw this summer as a creative opportunity for their sons and challenged them to come up with a new idea for an app (such as a game that could be played with pictures) and to help develop it and bring it to market.

The boys deliberated together on this parental challenge and within the first five minutes, the concept of Pic It was born.

Keeve's enthusiastic "Challenge accepted!" became the team's catchphrase throughout the summer.

That initial five minutes kicked off a ten-week summer break that saw Pic It come together. Of course it didn't hurt that Dad (Wayne) has been an iOS mobile developer for more than five years, and Mom (Deann) has been an assistant developer. (Not every one that comes up with a great app idea has the ready resources to bring it to market.)

This four-member team soon fleshed out the new app idea, deciding that Pic It would be a multiplayer game where one player selects a word and invites up to ten other players. Each of those invited players then anonymously submits a picture that they feel best represents the chosen word. Then the first player, who is the judge, selects the first and second-choice pictures, according to their opinion of which picture best fits the word. The players who submitted the pictures are then revealed and the winners receive points and recognition. To render Pic It an ongoing bundle of fun, the team decided to allow multiple game rounds to be played simultaneously, with different words and various players.

This Pic It business team spent the bulk of the summer outlining, planning, designing, and developing the app into a working prototype which they could demo to friends and family in order to get user feedback and testing. Wayne initially considered the app to be a fairly simple concept, yet its development led to a number of difficult technical challenges that the group had to work through collectively to overcome and solve. The entire process was and still is a great learning experience for the boys. They've learned how to better organize, design, strategize, and prioritize app requirements and features, and to problem solve, compromise, and resolve differences of opinions as team members. Throughout the summer they participated in many productive business meetings called, "Pic It Meetings." And, as joint owners, they continue to be involved in the marketing stage of this successful summer business project.

The fully functioning, fun, and free Pic It app is already available from iTunes! (designed to complement iOS7, but compatible with iOS6) But the development process has not stopped – the Dixons are excited about a number of additional features they still have planned for the app that will be implemented into future versions and updates.

Keeve claims, "This summer has redirected my career goal from engineering to business and marketing. It's been great." Diem says, "The thing I like best about this summer is that I'm actually a part owner of a successful business concept and maybe we can do even more games."